How to Avoid Hamster Death and Injury

Hamsters are very little and cute animals, and they become very good pet too. Now, if you have kids in your house, they get attracted to hamster for their playful nature and small size. Sometimes, they want to hold them in their hands and mistakenly create trouble for them. Hamsters get injured, and that may lead to death. Also, there are other reasons for injuries, like falling from a height, not installing the right sized wheel and so on.


Usually, a hamster lives up to 3 years (approx.). If your hamster is growing old and dying, there is not much you can do. Yes, you can take it to the vet and extend its lifespan, but death will come inevitably. But, what you can do is to avoid injuries and fatal result from it. Keeping a pet is a great responsibility, and you should be ascertaining of that. How to keep your hamster away from injuries and death? Let’s find out-

  1. Don’t allow children below six years to hold hamsters into their hand. If they get irritated, they can nip your fingers and children, out of fear, may throw it. Falling from a height may cause injury to the hamsters.
  1. Buy large wheel for them to play. You may think a hamster is a little animal, so you need a small wheel for it. You are going all wrong. A hamster always runs, keeping its back straight. A small wheel may lead it to bend its back which may cause back pain and spinal injuries. If not treated earlier, it can die. Buy a wheel depending on the species of hamster you have.
  1. Avoid handling it too much. Hamsters don’t like it. And also any mishandling can cause serious injuries to them. As their bones are fragile, they easily get broken. Don’t let your pet suffer such a pain.
  1. Do you have a cat in your house? You should be very careful about your hamster. Don’t let your cat even roam around its and injure the hamster.
  1. If children or even you hold a hamster, you should be aware of appropriate knowledge about holding it and treating it. If children want to hold it, let them sit on the bed and then touch and hold it.
  1. Always use tanks to make hamster house instead of wired cages. If you have a wire cage, make sure the ends are cut well so that it never pierce inside the hamster’s body. Even a little prick can be fatal to your little friend.
  1. Though hamster balls often suffocate them, you can buy one that is appropriate to its size. A hamster ball will help hamster to roam around your house and explore it. Buy one according to the species.
  1. Hamster fighting is another possible reason for serious injuries in the hamster. Never put two hamsters together. They are a loner, and they don’t like companies. Whenever you put them together, they will fight, and these fights can be fatal as one can be killed by the other.

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